TestPro CV100 - K71E

Complete bundle for copper and fiber OLTS and OTDR testing.

Kit contains:

  • 2pcs mainframes
  • 2pcs AD-CAT8.1-CH Channel Adapters
  • 2pcs AD-CAT8.1-PL Permanent Link Adapters
  • 1pcs AD-6A-PCORD (for MPTL testing)
  • 2pcs AD-NET-CABLE Adapters for PoE and Multi-Gigabit
  • 2pcs AD-SM-01E SingleMode Fiber Optic Adapters
  • 2pcs AD-MM-01E MultiMode Fiber Optic Adapters
  • 1pcs AD-OTDR-SM
  • 1pcs AD-OTDR-MM
  • all fiber optic cables and connectors
  • extra large case

I'm interested in TestPro CV100 - K71E (Smart Building Test Kit Copper/Fiber OTDR)

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